Minn. Somalis see Trump as symbol of more hostile America

For many Somali-Americans in Minnesota, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s fundraising visit to the state on Friday is the culmination of a tough week, a reminder of recent hostilities against people like them.

They believe Trump’s rhetoric on Muslims and immigrants is emboldening hate, and they worry the hostility will stay no matter what happens in the election.

“Donald Trump to me represents a part of America that is anti-Islam, that is anti-immigrant, that is anti-black, that is getting stronger and has an even louder voice and has someone powerful like him representing that, and coming to the place where I live,” said Khadra Fiqi of Minneapolis.

Fiqi is black, wears a hijab and is visibly Muslim. She said she regularly deals with hateful comments and sees Trump’s arrival in Minnesota as a symbol of a troubled America.

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