Surviving Suicide Bomber who blew himself up in Lido Restaurant Apprehended:

Mogadishu, Somalia, The Suicide bomber who blew himself up in Mogadishu’s Lido beach restaurant miraculously survived and is in custody of Somali Security Forces. 

In a brief press conference,  the chief of Mogadishu National Security Abdi Farey told reporters, Severely burnt suicide truck driver is in  government custody, he is in the hospital receiving treatment for his wounds, the investigation is underway and we’ll interrogate the wounded man when the doctors determine he is healthy enough to answer questions.

According to the chief, the operation to flush out the extremists from the capital is at high peak and they are determined to eradicate these thugs from Somalia.

Although there is still security issues every now and then, Somalia has been slowly emerging from a long and costly civil war, the situation of the country has drastically changed for the better in the last 5 years.

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