Years with no nation, 90 days to become a Minnesotan

Katia Iverson and Abdirahman Abdullahi have 90 days together.

For Katia, the case manager, that’s the time she gets to usher newly arrived refugees into life in Minnesota. For Abdi, a father of five who landed here this spring, those days whirl by after years in the languid limbo of an Ethiopian refugee camp.

“What if we’re not ready in three months?” Abdi asks Katia. “Will you just leave us alone?”

It’s a hectic year for Katia and other front-line workers in the Twin Cities, one of the country’s resettlement hubs. Minnesota is poised to take in 2,530 refugees, more than during any year in the past decade.

The resettlement work is unfolding amid a high-pitched debate: Some argue the United States does not take in enough refugees considering the global upheavals that have uprooted more people than ever before. Others counter that the country takes too many, saddling states with costs and anxieties about security.

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