Moms Have Way More Influence Over Their Children’s Religious Lives Than Dads

Religion, Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in Democracy in America, “reigns supreme in the souls of women, and it is women who shape mores.” Just over 180 years later, the observant Frenchman is getting some backup from the world of social science. The Pew Research Center released a new study on religion and family life on Wednesday, and one major conclusion is that women have a significantly greater influence over their children’s religious lives than men do.

In a way, this is not earth-shattering news. For one, women tend to be more responsible for childcare in general than men. And there is plenty of previous research that shows women are more religious than men, too (in case you didn’t believe Tocqueville on that, either). As Pew summarized earlier this year, American women are significantly

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