Why These Students Are Living With Immigrant Families For A Week

A program in Minnesota is offering American high school students the chance to live for a week with local immigrant families, to help counter misconceptions and create connections between U.S.-born and immigrant communities.

The nonprofit City Stay connects students from three private high schools in the Twin Cities with local Latino, Somali and Hmong host families ― representing the three largest immigrant communities in the state.

“We live in bubbles, largely interacting with people who look the way we do, dress the way we do, and that leads to mistrust and misconceptions,” founder Julie Knopp told The Huffington Post. “At the end of the day, it’s just about getting to know your neighbors.”

As part of the elective program, for which students pay a fee, the teens participate in the family lives of their hosts over the weekend and after school ― everything from cooking meals to running errands to playing sports.

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