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Kenya’s opposition swears in Raila Odinga as ‘people’s president’

Opposition leaders in Kenya have defied authorities to go ahead with a ceremony to swear in Raila Odinga as “president of the people” at a mass meeting in the capital, Nairobi.

Dozens die in clash between Ethiopian Somalis and Oromos

At least 61 people have been killed in clashes between different ethnic groups in Ethiopia’s Oromia region since Thursday, officials said.

It is not clear what caused the latest violence between ethnic Somalis and Oromos.

Egypt to host six Heads of State and Africa’s leading Chief Executive Officers at the Africa 2017 Forum

CAIRO, Egypt, December 5, 2017/APO Group/ — President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi will be hosting six African heads of state at the Africa 2017 Forum ( that will take place this week in the picturesque beach resort of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. The President of Guinea, current chair of the AU, will be joining the Forum as well as the Presidents of Chad, Rwanda, Côte d’Ivoire, Comoros and Somalia. The Vice President of Nigeria is also expected as is the Prime Minister of Mozambique. The Forum will start with a Young Entrepreneurs Day, with 50 of Africa’s leading start-ups in funding and partner pitches.

Turkish companies participate in Djibouti trade fair


Turkish companies are participating in an international trade fair launched on Sunday in the strategically heavy-weight but tiny Horn of Africa nation of Djibouti.

After Mugabe, Africa’s Other Longtime Leaders Feel a Chill

By RODNEY MUHUMUZA, Associated Press

KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) — After the stunning fall of Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, attention has turned to other longtime African leaders accused of trying to extend their rule.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s sudden move last week to decorate over 300 army officers in a rare mass promotion suggested the jolt of realization across the continent: If Mugabe, who ruled for 37 years, could be forced from power by the military, perhaps anyone can.

Kenyatta sworn in as Kenyan opposition recalls victims


President Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn into office for a second term Tuesday following disputed elections.

Kenyans filled the 60,000-capacity Kasarani stadium in capital Nairobi, with organizers saying an extra 40,000 had flocked to witness the ceremony to inaugurate Kenya’s fourth president.

Egypt-Ethiopia tensions over new dam rise again

Ethiopia is pushing on with construction of its massive new dam, despite growing objections from Egypt.

The controversial project has strained relations between the two nations, because Egypt, which lies downstream, sees it as a risk to its water supply from the Blue Nile.

Ethiopia’s ethnic violence displaces up to 400,000

Night had fallen over the Ethiopian village of Melkabulo when local Oromo men went to the houses of ethnic Somali to tell them they must cross the river before dawn or they would be killed.

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