Somalia must Make 2018 a year of Reform Implementations: Michael Keaton

Like many new governments, his has been through a steep learning curve. In the process, it has crafted a commendable national agenda embracing financial reform, job creation, inclusive politics, conflict resolution and reform of the security sector. The focus now is on the essential task of developing a plan for security transition. 

In implementing this multi-pronged agenda, the federal government faces a number of major challenges. One is the mobilization of adequate technical and financial capacity. Another is ensuring coherent and coordinated approaches by both national and international actors. A third is success in managing the powerful constituencies that need to be on side. These include federal member states, parliamentarians, clan power brokers, the private sector and international partners.

It is encouraging, Mr. President, that following a period of tension between the Federal Government and Federal Member States late last year, the relationship has stabilised.  The form and structure of Somalia’s federal system is still a matter of vigorous debate, but the renewed commitment of the Federal Government and Federal Member States to cooperate to address Somalia’s needs, is essential in order to make progress on all fronts.

Also encouraging is the improving relationship between government and the private sector, as evidenced by the passage of the Telecommunications Act, a milestone in public regulation of the economy, and by an increase in business confidence and domestic revenues.

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