Islamic Trade Center Uncovered in Ethiopia

EXETER, ENGLAND—BBC News reports that traces of a wealthy medieval city, complete with a twelfth-century mosque and Islamic burials and headstones, have been discovered at Harlaa, located in eastern Ethiopia. Pottery, glass vessel fragments, rock crystal, carnelian, glass beads, and cowry shells imported from Madagascar, the Maldives, Yemen, and China have been uncovered, along with bronze and silver Egyptian coins dating to the thirteenth century.

Efforts Under Way to Rescue African Migrants Held for Ransom in Libya

The International Organization for Migration reports efforts are ongoing to rescue around 200 migrants, from Somalia and Ethiopia, who have been kidnapped in Libya and are being held for ransom.

Tanzania to seize ‘idle’ land from rogue investors

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania—- Officials in Tanzania are to start seizing unused land and hand it over to poor farmers in a bid to tackle speculation

President John Magufuli late Tuesday ordered regional commissioners to seize swathes of idle land.

Africa must seize its own destiny: Guinean president


Africa must determine its own future without reliance on foreign help, the chairman of the African Union has said.

Alpha Conde, the president of Guinea, was elected chairman of the union in January.

Sudanese minister: Darfur rebels used Egyptian arms

The Sudanese armed forces have confiscated Egyptian weapons and tanks from rebels who attacked the states of North and East Darfur and is willing to parade them for people to see, a senior Sudanese official said.

World’s Oldest Art Studio Found in Ethiopian Cave

For 4,500 years, ancient humans kept on coming back to one cave in Ethiopia. It’s a roomy enclosure at the base of a limestone cliff, but its natural qualities were only one part of the story. People used the cave to store reddish stones rich in iron oxide, and then they turned those stones into different colors. A new study suggests that the cave, called Porc-Epic, was the world’s first art studio.

Uganda’s Eng. Nabulumba picked as Africa Prize finalist

Uganda’s Hindu Nabulumba, 25, who designed a knowledge-sharing network for teachers and students is now in the last four finalists for the prestigious £25,000 Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation.

Once twisted by scoliosis, Ethiopian twins returning home with lives, bodies straight

PLANO — Tamirat Bogale’s spine was so curved that the teenager would often lose his breath while performing daily tasks, including carrying his backpack during his 45-minute trek to school. 


Decades after the 1994 genocide, the great untold story of Rwanda’s rise is how women rebuilt the nation. “We have put in all the efforts to make sure that this group of the community is part and parcel of the government of our country….We still have a long way to go, but what is important is that there is a will, there is good leadership.” Listen to the interview with Oda Gasinzigwa, a member of the cabinet in Rwanda.

Belgian priest’s book exposes previously hidden facts about missionaries in Rwanda

A Belgian priest, Stefaan Minnaert, 65, has published a book with damning details on the history and deeds of missionaries in Rwanda.

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